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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is 3D Scans Plus and what do they provide?

At 3D Scans Plus, we showcase your property 24/7 by connecting the physical to the digital world by scanning properties and turning them into photo-realistic, fully dimensional and accurate 3D interactive models.  Tours of your scan are available for viewing in as little as two business days with easy to use web and mobile options.  3D technology is more realistic than photos with 3D walk-throughs and our unique one-of-a-kind dollhouse and floor plan views.  3D Scans Plus can provide you the only all-in-one reality capture system that gives you realistic, interactive and 3D experiences that feel as real as being there in person.


2.  How do Matterport and 3D Scans work together?

3D Scans Plus is a strategic partner of Matterport.  Matterport provides the software and photographic documentation that enables 3D Scans Plus to take the scans of your space and create your tour.  Matterport also provides support to their Strategic Partners.  


3.  What is scanning and what is the process?

Scanning is a type of photography that allows you to capture your space in 3D.  By photographing your entire space in this manner and with special equipment, we can create a 3D interactive tour of your space.


4.  How long does it take to scan a space?

The time it takes to scan your space depends largely on the size of the space.  For example, a 3000 square foot space might take two hours to scan.  A 75,000 square foot building could take three days.  We will provide you with an estimate after viewing your space.


5.  How soon will I receive my completed tour?

You will generally receive your finished tour within two business days after scanning is completed.

6.  Can I see examples of completed tours by 3D Scans Plus?

Yes, 3D Scans Plus can provide you examples of our completed tours via email at or you can visit the “Gallery” page to view examples of our work.  

7.  How would I use my completed tour?

You can use your tour on your website, other social media such as FaceBook or you can email it to interested parties in the form of a link.


8.  How do I put my completed tour on my website?

We will gladly assist you with instructions on how to place your tour in a variety of locations.  It is fair to say the process is quite easy.  

9.  How do I access my completed tour and where is it stored?

You can access your tour via a link we will provide to you or we can provide an embed code for use on your website.  The completed tour, as well as all components of the scan, is stored at Amazon Web Services for 3D Scans Plus through Matterport.   


10.  How is a 3D Scans Plus tour different from a 360 degree photograph?

A 360 degree photo is not interactive nor is it 3D and generally, it will be from single locations.


11.  Can I get high quality photographs from my completed tour?

Yes, 3D Scans Plus can provide you high quality web size or 4K stills from any location or angle.

12.  When do you perform the scanning?

We scan your space at a time convenient for you including weekends to avoid any disruptions.  We make every attempt to be non-disruptive by scanning at a time convenient for you.  We will gladly work with you on the day and timing of the scanning.  We try to avoid movement of people, animals or objects in our scans.  We ask for your assistance in this matter in order to avoid blurs in your completed tour. 


13.  Is it true you can provide a floor plan from my completed tour?

Yes, 3D Scans Plus can provide a floor plan from any completed tour providing accuracy within ½ of 1%.  Your 3D tour will also come with a measuring tool.  


14. What is meant by a Dollhouse view and a Floor Plan view?

A dollhouse view and floor plan view are as their names imply and are unique views that only 3D scanning can provide.  A floor plan view is a view directly above the space and can be segregated by floor.  A dollhouse view of your space is most any view from a variety of angles that you can adjust. 


15.  Can I share my tour with others?

Yes, the completed tour provided to you from 3D Scans Plus can be shared by emailing the link of your space to others.  


16. Can I add or change my 3D tour at a later date?

Yes, you can add to or change your tour at any time.  There is an additional charge if changes are requested after your original tour has been completed and accepted.  If you expect modifications to your space, we can offer a maintenance agreement that will provide you with an updated tour that includes the changes made to your space. 


17. What devices are required to view a 3D tour?

You can view your tour on most computers or mobile devices depending on their specifications.  


18. Are there any special requirements or limitations to the scans?

There are relatively few special requirements or limitations for us to scan your space.  We will discuss what you want scanned and we will provide tips on how best to prepare your space prior to the scanning session.  


19. Does sunlight impact your ability to scan a space?

Sunlight streaming into a space can impact your scans, therefore, we generally use 360 degree scans in this scenario as opposed to 3D scans.  If we are scanning outdoors, we will use 360 degree scans to capture a space.  In some scenarios, we can scan outdoors in 3D at dawn or dusk.  We will advise on how best to capture your indoor and outdoor spaces.


20. What preparations do I need to make prior to a scan of my space?

Preparing your space will be mostly up to you and how you want to showcase it.  The camera is very high definition and can see everything whether it be good or bad.  We will be happy to work with you on the best presentation of your space.  Once we begin scanning, we will not move, arrange or pick up items of any kind.  Arranging your space, as you want it to be shown, is ultimately your responsibility.


21. Can you scan multiple floors?

Yes, 3D Scans Plus can scan multiple floors or basements in conjunction with the entire space.


22. Can you omit certain areas when scanning?

Yes, we can omit certain scans from a tour if you desire.  For example when scanning a building, you might not want to include restrooms on the completed tour but still have them scanned.  We typically scan all areas of a space, unless directed by you.  However, the scans stills exist but they are “hidden”.  


23. What is the charge for scanning a space?

The charge for scanning your space is generally $.15 per square foot.  If we travel outside of the Oklahoma City metro, there could be a trip charge of some type.  If we need to stay overnight, that will be taken into consideration as well.  


24. Can I highlight a feature of my space on the tour?

Yes, 3D Scans Plus can provide Mattertags at a cost of $17.50 each.  A Mattertag is a descriptive tag within the tour where a specific narrative or video can be embedded.  The description can describe a unique item or area of your space.  The cost of a Mattertag is subject to change; therefore, we will give you a quote prior to the scan.


25. Can measurements of a room or building be provided by 3D Scans Plus?

Yes, a measurement tool is available with your completed tour.  Measurements can be shown for a room, specific walls or any object in the space.  This is useful for a potential candidate looking at buying or renting a home/apartment/space.  This is also a beneficial feature to be utilized in architecture, engineering and construction.  


26. How can I see a list of clients that have done business with 3D Scans Plus?

We encourage you to navigate to the gallery tab to view some of our client scans.  

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